New Trends in Retail Fashion Technology

New Trends in Retail Fashion Technology

Fashion retailers are constantly looking for new ways to "wow" shoppers. Some of these techniques involve the use of technology, which we're going to talk about today.

Apple iBeacon

Originally introduced by Apple in 2013, iBeacon is an innovative new messaging technology that's become increasingly popular among fashion retailers. It consists of small transmitters (known as Beacons) that send data to nearby smartphones, tablets and other devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Fashion retailers have begun using iBeacon to send special promotional messages to shoppers. If a shopper is about to leave the store without making a purchase, for instance, the retailer may automatically send him or her a limited-time promotional coupon on their smartphone.

Contactless Point-of-Sale Systems

A second tech trend that's becoming increasingly popular in retail fashion is the use of contactless point-of-sale (PoS) systems. While there's no signs that traditional credit and debit cards will be going away anytime soon, some fashion retailers are now allowing shoppers to pay using their smartphone. Shoppers simply swipe their smartphone near the PoS system and it automatically charges their credit/debit card on file for the appropriate amount. Apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay are used to facilitate the checkout process with contactless PoS systems.

Mannequins That 'Watch' You

Mannequins have come a long ways over the years, incorporating new fashion technology to improve their utility in the world of retail fashion. It may sound strange or even creepy, but there are now mannequins that monitor shoppers' facial expressions. Developed by Almax, the EyeSee mannequin lives up to its namesake by watching shoppers as they peruse around the store, recording data like shoppers' gender, age range, and time spent viewing products. The EyeSee mannequins features video cameras embedded in their eyes, as well as an audio-recording microphone.


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